Professional Ceiling Cleaning

Certified by Ceiling Pro International

Ceiling Pro products, equipment and cleaning techniques are being used worldwide by trained technicians on a variety of unusual fabrics and surfaces, insuring that you our customer, are always being provided with the most up-to-date cleaning methods available.

We leave no surface untouched

Our Services include

  1. Complete Ceiling Restoration
    • Acoustical
    • Vinyl Surfaced
    • Cloth Covered
    • Open Beam
  2. Industrial Facilities, manufacturing and Factory Cleaning
    • Interior
    • Exterior
  3. Fire and Water Restoration
  4. Construction Final Cleans
  5. Kitchen/cafeteria clean ups
  6. Walls-Vinyl Wall Covering, Tile, Wood and Brick
  7. Complete Floor Care-Scrubbing, Stripping, Sealing and Waxing
  8. Clean Furnishings-Dividers, Panels Chairs etc.
  9. Carpet Cleaning
  10. Power Washing
  11. Ultrasonic Cleaning
    • Light Lenses
    • Mini Blinds
    • Vertical Blinds

Waterless Exterior Cleaning

Wall Cleaning

Grid Cap

Recoat – Restore your ceiling back..

Stainless Steel Restoration

Equipment Cleaning

Acoustical Ceiling Cleaning

Why we are the cleaning company to use?


Our seasoned staff is always available to help you with any questions, concerns or emergencies that you may have.

Free Estimates & Test Cleans

We will show you the cleaning process and explain how it benefit you and your business.

Competitive Pricing Scheduling

North Iowa Cleaning Solutions will schedule work to meet your needs. Our professional specially trained service crew are always on time! Our clients appreciate our reliability and quick response time in urgent circumstances.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We recognize that the success of our business depends upon the satisfaction of customers and we are willing to guarantee it.

It’s a Fact

A cleaner, brighter facility increases employee productivity. Makes a positive impression on your customers and promotes a healthy environment.

Waterless Wood Restoration

Restoring your ceiling to its natural beauty with Acoustical Recoat

Cost effective

No business interruptions

When to Recoat?

Some ceilings are beyond cleaning, or they are highly textured and do not clean well. “Acoustical Recoat ” gives the owner an alternative to replacing expensive tile that can’t be cleaned.

The convenience of Recoat

Acoustical Recoat is long lasting, it allows years between treatment. It blends so easily that you can do part one day and take up where you left off the next day or next week without overlap showing. There is a low volume of fallout from overspray. All of these things contribute to easing business disruptions.

Unlike Paint or Cleaner:

Acoustical Recoat is scientifically formulated coating that actually restores acoustical tiles to their original function and beauty.

Why not use standard paint?

Painting results in tiles being stuck to t-bars and frequently causes tiles to bow or warp with changes in temperature or humidity. Dirt on painted surfaces will bleed through and yellow the paint. Not only is the odor of paint objectionable, but the acoustical properties of tiles are more likely to be damaged by paint. Painted ceilings often can’t be cleaned.

Why not just replace them?

Replacement costs would be considerably greater, when you consider the cost of tile and include disposal (land-fill) cost! Compared to replacement recoating will be a substantial budget stretching decision!

Replacing tiles will not eliminate the problem, discolored grids and t-bars still need to be dealt with.

With recoating, metal or plastic grid is renewed. Vents, speakers, and other non-vital ceiling fixtures can be coated for a uniform appearance.

Acoustical Recoat

  • Restores aged, discolored, or mismatched ceiling tile.
  • No Business Interruption
  • Ceiling tiles retain their fire rating
  • Improved Light Reflectance
  • Eliminates Asbestos Concerns
  • Tint Acoustical Recoat to match an existing color or to change the ceiling color completely
  • Improves noise reduction
  • Easy cleanup, soap and water
  • Quick drying – no odor

We provide many other cleaning services Commercial and Residential.