02-28-16 We aren't typically the type of people that have our vehicles detailed. As you can see. Since we have 3 kids, 2 dogs, and busy schedules. Typically everyone just gets tossed in the truck, we grab our food to go, and just try to get through the trip. By the time we get home we grab everyone and pour ourselves into our home. Little time or consideration is given to the inside of the vehicle that gets us everywhere. I had Vince with Cleaning Solutions clean my husbands truck for Valentines Day. Him and his assistant did a FANTASTIC job!!! This truck didn't even look this good when we BOUGHT IT! We will definitely be back!! Thanks Vince!! Sincerely, JDG

03-15-16 Shout out to Vincent Perry at North Iowa Cleaning Solutions, for the amazing cleaning detail of my car! It looks and smells like a brand new car! Jill Schoneman Via Facebook